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Infracom’s distinctive trait is its capability of supporting businesses towards innovation and growth thanks to its sturdy assets, network infrastructures and  data centers , as well as thanks to the skills developed in over 16 year of working in the sector.

Il mix di asset infrastrutturali e know how che si traduce in numeri e valore di business per i nostri clienti:

  • 3 enterprise class data centers , two in Milan and one in Verona
  • 9000km of optical fiber network along the entire Italian motorway network
  • all IP communication platforms
  • Avalon, the largest private hub for neutral colocation inside Caldera’s data center
  • Avalon+, Infracom’s second room dedicated to carriers, OTTs and resellers located inside Assago’s data center
  • over 130 operators hosted in Avalon and Avalon+ rooms
  • NOC (Network Operation Center) in Florence, for the proactive monitoring of the network
  • Control room in Verona per, to continuously  support the customers ad monitoring of the whole assets and services
Asset Infracom 2016

Network infrastructures and enterprise data center - make a difference with Infracom

Infracom Italia has data center infrastructures in 3 strategic locations: two data centers in Milan, one in Caldera‘s business park and the other in Assago as well as a data center in Verona.
Together with the NOC in Florence and the Control Room in Verona, Infracom Italia’s data center infrastructures constitute an enterprise-class ecosystem that provides businesses with a wide range of services.

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity

Infracom’s reliability is based on concrete facts:

  • Infracom’s Business Continuity Centre located inside Assago’s data center
  • SAP Competence Centre located inside Verona’s data center
  • SAP hosting partner certified data centers
  • -20Km  between the two data centers located in Caldera and Assago (Milan) to offer Business Continuity solutions
  • Safe Harbor Free data center, compliant with the EU regulation on privacy
  • platforms that enable the hosting of applications and guarantee business continuity
  • specialization in  system and application management services
  •  ITIL-compliant management processesand certified data centers

A high-speed optical fiber network


Optical fiber
over 9,000 km of optical cables


1.380 km of MAN
in 40 cities


Over 1,500 Pop
and active client sites

Infracom developed a high speed  optical fiber network which increases the value of the provided services:


Transport network
in WDM and SDH/PTN technology


DWDM network
with a capacity up to 80λ @ 10/40Gbps for over 800 Gbps in total


IP/MPLS network
interconnected with the main European backbones

Infracom’s optical fiber network is interconnected with the main national and European backbones and NAPs.


  • ITIL Foundation v.3 – ITIL-compliant management model
  • SAP Certified Provider of Hosting Services
  • 1st Level Ministerial Approval – Individual license for the installation and provision of national TLC network
  • Certified TLC operator – Installation, testing and maintenance of internal systems
  • Individual WLL license (Wireless Local Loop) – 26 GHz for the Veneto region
  • RadioLAN access to TLC networks and services (Wi.Fi.)- Authorization for public supply
  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 – Compliance for the quality management of products and services
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 – Compliance for information security management
  • SOA OS19 Class VIII – Qualification for the execution of public works
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