A telehouse for dedicated and customized spaces

As they are interconnected with the proprietary optical fiber backbone and connected with reliable protected high-capacity redundant circuits, Infracom’s Avalon and Avalon+ are used to design dedicated and customized spaces to house large infrastructures or entire data centers. It is possible to subscribe to private suite or private cage services depending on the effective space occupied.
Interconnections are carried out on all network and protocol levels in point-to-point mode, with optical fibers or single UTP copper cables or with a central patch panel.

Telehouse: guaranteed continuity and high performances

Infracom provides colocation and Internet bandwidth solutions that combine neutrality, management services and guaranteed continuity and performances in line with your corporate core business.
Interconnections with the network equipment of over 130 operators are carried out in the Avalon and Ginevra meet-me-rooms where it is also possibile to make LAN-to-LAN connections to the MIX. Infracom’s telehouse was developed in compliance with strict security and reliability standards to provide a wide range of space and power solutions.

Servizi di Datacenter
  • 2 data centers in Milan dedicated to Telehouse solutions: Avalon in Caldera and Avalon + in Assago
  • 1 NOC in Florence, a single control and monitoring point
  • 8,400 m² of data rooms in the two data centers in Milan Caldera and Assago
  • 1,100 m² Avalon and Avalon+ meet-me-room – the only places in Italy where you can connect to all operators.
  • Over 130 operators – the largest Italian hub for neutral colocation.
  • Best performance-price ratio in Italy for the distribution of core applications – mix and telehouse proximity

+9000 Km
di cavo ottico


oltre 130 operatori
in Avalon


data center


nel datacanter di Assago

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