A single public telephone system for wholesale services

Infracom Italia uses an IP communication platform that combines interconnected traditional TDM technology elements and Voice over IP platforms (carrier class). Intelligent Network (IN), Number Portability and interconnections with other OLOs – all these are services made available to all voice platforms so as to obtain  a single public telephone system/infrastructure .


A wide range of services, within voice shot

Thanks to state-of-the-art voice platforms, the widespread coverage of the domestic territory and the proprietary network infrastructure, Infracom can provide a wide range of wholesale services to telecommunication operators::

  • traffic collection and termination on national and international routes with routing customization.
  • numbering hosting services, enabling the hosting of carrier codes and the numbering of other operators in the Infracom network. By configuring a telecommunication authority pre-selection code, operators’ clients can use carrier selection and pre-selection services.
  • toll-free (800) or premium-rate (199) number collection services with collection of direct calls to toll-free or non-geographic numbers on Infracom’s network.
  • VoIP and TDM interconnections including complete state-of-the-art voice solutions.

A precise answer for telecommunication operators

The solutions, based on an Intelligent (IN) Voice Platform owned and managed by Infracom, meet the needs of telecommunication operators looking:

  • for a customizable collection service to manage inbound and outbound phone traffic on various routes
  • to be supported by an operator guaranteeing total coverage at a domestic level through interconnections with incumbent operators
  • to manage inbound traffic from toll-free or non-geographic numbers with collection services
  • to use a voice service at premium rates
  • to use Voip or TDM interconnections for traditional and innovative services
  • to be recognized by their final clients as real operator without having to make considerable investments in infrastructures.
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