Our proprietary assets for customized business-oriented solutions

Infracom relies on solid infrastructures, skilled professionals, flexible solutions and innovative systems. Thanks to a valid enterprise offer, Infracom is a reliable ally, capable of offering tailor-made solutions to professionals working in the ICT outsourcing, telecommunication,  data center services and  cloud solution sectors. Know-how, willingness to innovate and design flexibility are combined with Infracom’s important proprietary assets: a national optical fiber network, enterprise-class data centers, Infracom Telehouse and private GIX peering point.

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Dedicated spaces for infrastructures and network systems

Infracom’s data centers, designed according to high quality and security standards,  are interconnected with the proprietary optical fiber network and with the GIX (Global Interne Exchange), Infracom’s private peering point. This is where Infracom creates dedicated or shared spaces to host or manage outsourced communication infrastructures, IT systems, internet activities or entire data centers for its clients.

The advantages of a proprietary optical fiber

Infracom’s key strength is its proprietary network, with 9,000 km of optical fiber covering the entire national territory. Thanks to this advantage, Infracom can provide a fast track access to telecommunication networks and the Internet, to enable communications and content delivery, and can offer integrated voice and data solutions as well as network infrastructures.

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