A single integrated infrastructure to communicate

In a digital economy world, it is fundamental to have availability of high-performance networks and communication infrastructures that are reliable and guarantee access to innovative services such as Cloud, IoT, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Infracom relies on a single integrated network to supply ultra-wideband interconnection solutions, all-IP communication platforms and end-to-end communication networks.

Infracom started a project to expand the  optical fiber infrastructure all over the national territory aimed exclusively at companies, with the objective of bringing  ultra-wideband to digital divide industrial areas.

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Unique performances in terms of speed, bandwidth and reliability

Infracom’s network includes a complete and customizable range of access options and services.
Thanks to the autonomous management of its optical fiber backbone and of the GIX – the private peering point located in Milan Caldera inside the  Avalon telehouse – Infracom provides its clients with unique performances in terms of speed, available bandwidth and reliability of the interconnections. In addition, Infracom meets the need to safeguard the business continuity of companies, which relies increasingly on the availability of systems and networks.

Nowadays, in fact, being constantly connected with  branches, communicating with mobile users and managing  the transfer of an increasingly larger volume of data in a secure manner, is an essential requirement for all companies.

Innovative customizable solutions to meet the everyday needs of companies

Rainbow Connect is aimed at those companies needing:

  • a safe, reliable and scalable connection among facilities, users and the outside world
  • unique performances in terms of speed, band and interconnection reliability
  • combination of connection technologies suitable for company requirements
  • fast-track access to Internet and to the networks of other operators thanks to Avalon telehouse
  • security and protection of company data
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