Increase the efficiency and performance of your IT systems

Infracom’s Rainbow Datacenter offer includes solutions that, suitably combined, meet efficiency and performance needs by enabling clients to reduce investments while using reliable state-of-the-art solutions.

Rainbow Datacenter provides secure and efficient spaces in Infracom’s Enterprise Data Centers where companies can:

  • host mission-critical systems
  •  access modern shared infrastructures for storage and backup
  • use  state-of-the-art facilities and management services
  • implement effective disaster recovery and business continuity solutions

All Infracom’s data centers are Safe Harbor Free. This means our data centers comply with the European Union regulations on privacy.

On 6th October 2015, the European Court of Justice declared the 2000/520/ EC Decision of the European Commission of  26 July 2000 on the “suitability of the privacy protection guaranteed by Safe Harbor” as “invalid”.

The Framework Safe Harbor between United States and European Union was established by the European Commission in accordance with the US Department of Commerce in 2000 with the purpose of facilitating the transfer of personal data between Europe and suitable US companies, which would self-certify and declare their willingness to respect Safe Harbor principles on European privacy regulations.

To all international operators who carry out their business in Europe, Infracom offers the possibility of hosting and storing the data from European clients in their data centers, thus avoiding the transfer of personal data received from European citizens to non-European countries and therefore any related sanctions.

Rainbow Datacenter offers infrastructural solutions and managed service that can be combined and customized to get to the heart of your business.

Rainbow Datacenter is perfect for those who need:

  • performing and secure infrastructures
  • to host systems in state-of-the-art facilities with redundant systems
  • to outsource system management to increase corporate efficiency
  • to use efficient broadband connections
  • robust storage or backup solutions
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