Rainbow Outsourcing and business continuity, safeguard your business

Rainbow Outsourcing offers ICT outsourcing solutions and on-site services reducing costs and guaranteeing flexible solutions to meet your business needs.

The Business continuity service offers a series of solutions that guarantee the complete  safety of the client’s business. Concrete and measurable SLAs, continuous monitoring, remote management, technical support, certified data centers and operative processes that comply with the strictest international standards (ITIL compliant) are just some of the solutions clients can choose to protect their business


Rainbow Outsourcing is the ideal solution for companies looking to:

  • outsource the management of all or part of their ICT infrastructure
  • guarantee the complete operational continuity of their ICT systems
  • use private cloud solutions
  • strengthen and rationalize their IT infrastructure
  • outsource the management of their IT fleet, systems or data centers to professional and reliable resources
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