Business continuity - risk management has never been so secure

Guaranteed business continuity is essential for every company. Accessing your IT systems with no interruption  and intervening promptly when there is a problem, thus preventing any negative impact is necessary to continue corporate activities.

Thanks to the three enterprise-class data centers located in Verona, Milan Caldera and Milan Assago, and interconnected via the  proprietary fiber network, Infracom offers geographically-redundant business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that rely on the latest storage and backup architectures with the objective to restore the systems, data and infrastructure that supply core services for companies.

Rainbow Recovery Business Continuity
Rainbow Recovery Business Continuity

Infracom design disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for both companies with managed systems hosted at Enterprise Data Centers, and for those with in-house technological infrastructures looking to replicate them in a secure and reliable secondary site or to protect their data and applications with remote backup solutions.

Infracom’s solutions are scalable and flexible to guarantee business continuity and the protection of critical company data. In addition, they comply with current regulations on the security and accessibility of data and on privacy, meaning they will be kept within the European Union and, more specifically, in Italy.

All Infracom’s data centers are, in fact, Safe Harbor Free.

Rainbow Recovery is the ideal solution for companies looking to:

  • protect critical company systems
  • replicate their IT infrastructure in a secondary site to guarantee the security of systems and data
  • personalize security levels and parameters
  • outsource their in-house infrastructure
  • have a remote backup to save their data in an automatic, safe and reliable manner
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